Metal Detector Garrett Atx Package


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The Garrett ATX Multi-frequency P.I. (Pulse Induction Technology) is currently the most powerful Metal Detector on the market and is recommended for experienced researchers.
Suitable for all terrains and ideal for searching for objects in gold and various metals in highly mineralized soils and salt water, maximum Detection on all targets at the same time.

The Garrett ATX is a Motion and Non Motion search metal detector, with advanced ground balance, LED signal strength indicator, iron control and many other features.
Designed for use in water and humid and dusty environments. The structure of the metal detector is watertight and can be immersed in water at a depth of 3 meters.

ATX DEEPSEEKER Packages includes:

  • 20 “(50cm) Deepseeker mono coil
  • Garrett MS-2 Headphones (waterproof headphones sold separately)
  • Military-grade Garrett hard case
  • 15 “x 20” Closed coil cover (shown attached to searchcoil)
  • 10 “x 12” Open coil cover
  • Garrett Detector Sling
  • Battery charger
  • AA alkaline and rechargeable batteries
  • Soft storage / travel case
  • DVD and Manual


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