PROTON LB-4 GOLD DETECTOR new version 2021


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PROTON LB-4 GOLD DETECTOR new version 2021


The detector comprises a stack of iron plates and proportional counters in 34 horizontal layers in orthogonal conditions. Calibration of the detector was made by using a natural radioactivity. During the live time of 560 days, 1045 events have been recorded, and these have been classified into various categories, such as atmospheric muons, parallel muons, neutrino interactions and so on. In this report, only fully confined events strongly indicative of nucleon decay are discussed. By analyzing the patterns of nucleon decay candidates, the life time of bound nucleons is obtained as (6.5 to 9) x 1030 yrs. In addition to the confined events, some confined short track events were observed. It is necessary to make more elaborate experiment for these short track events.


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