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In addition to the state-of-the-art advanced imaging mode, the additional field scan menu allows you to scan metal and cavity position in seconds and position the area up to approximately 50 meters.

  • Compact:  Easy-to-use and transportable treasure finder for users on a low budget – perfect for getting first-time hits – Android app included
  • NEW:  Now with an extended delivery scope.
  • Depth:  With this technology, our customers have found objects up to 21 m deep.
  • Use:  treasure hunting, cavity and metal detection 
  • Detection modes:  Ground Scan, 
  • Detectable objects:  treasures, cavities, tunnels, metals.

1. Activation of magnetic detection: 

Activating the device and sensor to activate the magnetometer will switch to magnetometer mode.  This function is available in metals or allows us to understand the vacuum resistance with acoustic sound.  The higher the field resistance, the louder the sound signal.  It’s a potential metal target.  If the acoustic sound is cut off with increasing volume, it is probably a void.

2. Automatic transfer to PC :

4 to 26 meters in this mode you can measure up to the depth.
Mode of operation: I put into action.  Press the Menu 2 (arrow) key to select the mode, while you will be connected to the computer once approved (by compression) will appear on the device screen.  This procedure
continues for a few seconds.  Then the start button.  You will be questioned.  An audible signal sounds.  If prices are measured.  If transferred to a computer, a representative graphic will be created automatically.
Green largely symbolizes normal soil.  It also has red and blue objects in this graphic.  Usually metallic objects are red, water deposits and rods are shown in blue.  Soil minerals appear in red.  But metals are represented by geometric shapes, minerals appear larger and amorphous.

3 . Manual scan on the computer

This mode is similar to the automatic scanning function with the PC functions but the measured values ​​are not transferred directly to the computer and will be stored in the internal memory of the device.
When you have finished measuring, you can select all data with option 5. Menu.  It is possible to transfer (Transfer to a computer).


This mode is similar to the automatic scan on the computer, but instead of transferring the measured values ​​directly to the computer, it will be stored in its internal memory.  In addition, each manual measurement (measured value memory) must be activated manually.  All data after you finish your measurement.  You can transfer to a computer with (Transfer to computer) option.


There is an option to clear the memory of any scan you have performed to be ready for your next scan


If you want to transfer all the scans kept in memory, you can very easily transfer them to the tablet to keep track of your research, by selecting a button on your crawler.  So you have to do the right steps from the options of the crawler so that the memory keeps them before transferring them to the computer.  Only if the detector is ready for download will the software be measured correctly
Technical Specifications Proton Series:
  • Working temperature -20C to + 40C
  • Lorsqu’il n’est pas utilisé, il est exposé à la lumière directe du soleil de -40 ° C à + 60 ° C.
  • Taux de modulation de largeur du convertisseur d’impulsions 1953 kHz
  • Durée de vie de la batterie 2-4 heures
  • Temps de charge maximum 3 heures
  • Puissance continue maximale 850 mA
  • Source de tension 11,1 v-14,2 v
  • Amplitude de fréquence 433 mhz +/- khz
  • Travail maximum dans l’humidité -95
  • Couleurs de l’écran du logiciel 256m
  • Taux de rafraîchissement de l’écran 0,2 sec
  • Ce n’est pas étanche
  • Processeur – Motorola 8 mhz
  • Mémoire de travail interne-EEPROM 16K 8 BIT
  • Configuration -100.100
  • Configuration signal-numérique
  • Centre de numérisation-1,3 A
  • Émetteurs 2-7
  • Plage de mesure – + – 150Ut
  • Bande passante – DC .. 1 kHz (-3 dB)

Cet appareil est conçu pour un usage professionnel.

  • Travaux routiers et détection des conduites de câbles
  •  Industrie de l’ inhumation et du trésor d’ or .
  • Abris pour tunnels de détection d’évasion, intersections, paupières
  • Secteur de la construction, absence de détection de tuyauterie, tests de mise à la terre acoustique comme dans la détection d’objets tels que tuyaux, tubes, etc.
  • Dans les entités juridiques municipales, dans la détection de fuites d’eau à grande échelle, dans la détection de tuyaux en plastique et non en plastique, d’un entrepôt illégal et d’une station pétrolière sous le contrôle d’un entrepôt illégal.


  • Unité principale
  • Connexions du capteur
  • PC / Bluetooth
  • Chargeur
  • Casques / écouteurs
  • Mode d’emploi
  • Logiciel 3D
  • 1 capteur HIGH CAPTEUR PROFOND T1.5 (profondeur 2,5 mètres)
  • 2 capteurs de détection de distance
  • Long lasting 70 hour lithium-ion battery
  • Voxler 3D software – 4D

Excluding basic package

  • The price does not include the TABLET


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