Détecteur Minelab GoldMonster 1000


– The simplest of gold detectors:

The Minelab GoldMonster 1000 detector is designed for everyone’s use without the hassle. Turn on the detector, choose one of the two detection modes (discrimination or all metal) and go! Fully automated, the GoldMonster does not require any specific configuration. All the most important settings (ground effects, sensitivity, sound threshold) are automated.

– High performance :

The GoldMonster specializes in finding native gold. For this it works at very high frequency (45 kHz). This working frequency provides extreme sensitivity on small targets and makes it possible to work on the most mineralized playgrounds where the most gold is found …

– Two detection discs:

The GoldMonster 1000 is delivered with 2 detection discs to best adapt to the types of targets sought and to your playing field. The 25×15 cm double-D elliptical disc offers a good compromise between power and ground coverage. The 12 cm double D disc is ideal for working in the most difficult to access and the most mineralized places!

– Telescopic rod / Lithium battery:

The device has a telescopic rod that allows you to adjust the size of the detector. The detector is not disassembled, it folds, which is very convenient for transport and storage. Last point, the Minelab GoldMonster is equipped with a rechargeable lithium battery which is very practical in the field!

Contents of Minelab GoldMonster 1000:

– 25×15 cm Elliptical Double D disc + disc protector

– 12 cm Double D disc + disc protector

– Lithium battery + Charger + battery holder                                                                                   Détecteur Minelab GoldMonster 1000

– Minelab wired headset

Detector guaranteed 3 years manufacturer.

Preferred terrain All types of terrain + wet sand from the beaches
Detection frequency 45 kHz
Operating principle Multi-tone discrimination
Target identification Sound and visual
Black and white LCD display
Automatic ground effects adjustments

Type of disc 2 Discs: Double “D” 12 cm + 25×15 cm          Détecteur Minelab GoldMonster 1000
Weight 1.3 kg
Power supply Rechargeable lithium battery
12 hour battery life
Telescopic Rod
Headphone jack Yes                                                                              Détecteur Minelab GoldMonster 1000


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