GDI Geo Examiner 3D



The GEOEXAMINER 3D is 100% controlled by a tablet PC. It allows to locate metals, cavities several meters underground. It is delivered here in a pack version with 4 probes, case, tablet and preinstalled 3D software.

World’s first undergound imaging device fully tablet PC operated.

GEO EXAMINER 3D metal detector ground radar combines 3 proven treasure hunting techniques  in one: ground resistivity probing, magnetometer and metal detector! Where others see a computer, the user has an advanced gold detector and real time imaging ground radar in disguise!


geo examiner geophysical 3d imaging radar detectorFor uneven ground a standard pace cannot be maintained, select Manual mode, and as you step or move the probes (depending the mode used), click on “CAPTURE” and see what is found. On flat ground use auto mode, input to the GEO EXAMINER the time (seconds) needed for your stepping. Click “START” and the computer gives voice & visual signals to step, turn or finalize the survey. Your ears prompt to step, turn or stop while the eyes see the results immediately. If obstacles are encountered on the way, trees or rocks pause the data logger, pass the obstacle and restart.

geo examiner find 3 bunkers 3d geo examiner 3d gold detector interface


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